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Best Laser Hair Removal

Tips on Hair Removal Lasers

With the popularity of laser hair treatment increasing, the number of laser manufacturers has, too. A laser is a mechanism of light of a single color or wavelength, and how it works is the light from the laser goes into the skin’s surface to reach the unwanted hair follicle, where the hair growth happens. This dominant heat harms the hair follicle and the hair root to stop further growth. As the number of laser available grows it’s hard to say exactly which one is truly the best laser for hair removal for your person unwanted hair removal.

What are some laser options?

One of the oldest types of hair removal lasers is the Ruby Laser; it is the original best laser for hair removal for people with fine light hair. On the other hand, it cannot be used on any patients with dark skin; this includes patients that have tanned skin. Also the fact that is has a fairly small coverage area make the Ruby Laser more and more less popular in the recent years for laser hair removal. Another option is the Alexandrite laser, and if you’re looking for fast it is the best laser for hair removal for you, seeing as it is the fastest of the laser types. Also it is good for treating patients wanting hair removed from large body areas with light-to-olive complexions. Currently it is one of the most wide used lasers for hair removal.

If you have a darker skin type the best laser for hair removal for you may be the Diode Laser. Although a down side is the fact that it is less effective on lighter and finer hair, but it covers large areas and has fast rates of repetition, which allows vigorous treatment of large body areas. Another option would be an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Device; it is not technically a laser, but it is a laser equivalent in the sense that they use the same concept as lasers to accomplish hair removal of unwanted hair. If considering the best laser for hair removal for your needs you’ll need to keep in mind that IPL devices are more complex to use than lasers and entail extremely skillful, experienced, and qualified technician operators.

Although many of these laser treatments are expensive, cheap laser hair removal is not always the best direction to go due to health risks. A option that might be the best laser for hair removal needs of tanned patients just might be the long pulse Nd:Yag laser because it can safely be used on skin types of all kinds. Another benefit is that he has a large coverage area for patients looking to remove unwanted hair from a large hair of their body; it also has quick rates of repetition which let large areas to be treated fast.